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The writing platform that is.

It is tough to express what it is you want to accomplish with your writing, especially when you only have 250 words to accomplish the feat. I was able to complete the task and post it earlier today to the class I’m taking online for the next four weeks.

In the meantime, I’ve been doing further research on the Genevieve character I am trying to flesh out for my new novel as well. She certainly has a mind of her own already. Now I have to figure out this male protagonist.



Playing around with French Huguenot names for the female protagonist in my new story. I want to weave some of my own lesser-known heritage into this particular story because it is of some interest. A society of persecuted people that emigrated in search of a better life.

I have not yet decided on some of the other names for the characters – perhaps Cameron for the male protagonist – or the true basis of the television show that brings them together. A rough sketch is coming together and I can’t wait to start writing. 

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